Here you can find a curated list of our best assets.

3D Agate
Agate Quartz $4.99

This is a photorealistic replica of an agate quartz stone

3D Statue
Statue Boy $5.99

Realistic low polygon normal mapped statue of a boy

3D Spooky Mummy
Spooky Mummy $5.99

Spooky mummy trinket ornament. This item features good edge flow and a nice uv island spread

3D Feather Asset
Feather $4.99

High quality, high detail feather. transparent .png for color and alpha map

3D Cave Asset
Rock Cave $9.99

Realistic low poly normal mapped rock cave. 1024 x 1024 png texture and normal map

3D Hemp Leaf
Hemp Leaf $1.50

Low poly hemp leaf with png alpha map for transparency

3D Ground Beef
Ground Beef $1.99

Low poly ground beef ready for use

3D Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf $5.00

A maple leaf that could be used to fall from trees to simulate the effects of autumn

3D Green Leaf
Green Leaf $5.00

Green leaf that could be used to fall from trees

3D Fern
Fern $3.00

low polygon high quality fern

3D Island
Island Waterfall $5.00

Simplistic low polygon style floating island and waterfall

3D Daisy
Daisy $2.99

realistic yet simple model of a flower

3D Blood Cells
Blood Cells $2.99

realistic blood cell scene with subsurface scattering

3D Shamrock
Shamrock $2.50

low polygon shamrock or clover ready for use

3D Grass
Grass Clumps $2.75

Low polygon pack of grass clumps

3D Zombie
Zombie $4.99

Low polygon high quality normal mapped and animated game ready zombie model

3D Pottery
Pot $5.00

Normal mapped broken pot with floral designs

3D Fire Wood
Fire Wood $5.99

This item features great edge flow, and a photo realistic material